In order to have your event automatically registered as an UiTPAS-event, a number of additional fields are required:

  • Organizer
  • Price

Also make sure your calendar info corresponds with the actual (opening) hours of the event, so that card holders can check in at the event with their UiTPAS.


The organizer field is mandatory for UiTPAS events. Therefore you should use an existing UiTPAS-organizer, identifiable by a specific UiTPAS label. For a list of all organizers, see search organizers documentation.

Update the organizer of an event:


Price information is mandatory for UiTPAS events. Only the standard tariff is required. The UiTPAS social discount tariff will be calculated by UiTdatabank, based on the standard tariff of the event.

Update price information of an event:


It is mandatory to include the start time and end time of the event.

UiTdatabank will fill up missing start and end hours as follows:

  • missing start time: 00:00:00
  • missing end time: 23:59:59

The UiTPAS check-in devices will take this information into account.

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