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UiTdatabank provides 2 Entry API’s that can be used for specific cases and are interchangeable: you can create an offer with the JSON-LD CRUD API and update a specific property of this offer with the JSON-LD API.


With the JSON-LD API you can mimick the entry form on to create and update an offer. With this API it is possible to update specific properties from existing offers, like adding a French translation for the description of an event or adding a label to a place.


  • Create an offer with only the mandatory properties (what, where, when…)
  • Incrementally update specific properties of an offer
  • Publish your event by updating the workflowstatus from “draft” to “ready for validation”

Steps necessary to create and publish an offer via JSON-LD API

  • Step 1: Create event (POST /events/)
  • Step 2: Update event (PUT /events/{eventid}/contactPoint, PUT /events/{eventid}/description…)
  • Step 3: Publish event (PATCH /event/{eventid})


Find the latest version of the JSON-LD API documentation here!


With the JSON-LD CRUD API you create a JSON-LD document for an entire offer and send it as a whole to UiTdatabank, instead of sending updates for every property.

Offers created via the JSON-LD CRUD API are instantly published with workflowstatus “Ready for validation”, so you don’t have to manually publish each event like with the JSON-LD API. Specific trusted partners can get the permission to import events with workflowstatus “Approved”, thus bypassing the validation by UiTdatabank admins.

Only one step necessary to create and publish an offer via CRUD API

  • Create event (POST /imports/events/)


Read the latest version of the JSON-LD CRUD API documentation here!

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