UiTdatabank Basics

Content (resources) in UiTdatabank

  • event: a cultural or leisure activity with a specific timestamp and location
  • place: a unique location or point of interest (POI) where an event can take place
  • offer: can be an event or a place, these resources share certain properties
  • organizer: a unique organizer. Organizers are specifically used for the UiTPAS project
  • label: a unique keyword used to combine specific resources with similar traits. A label can be public or private, visible or hidden.
  • mediaObject: to add an image to an offer, you first create a unique mediaObject for the image and then add this mediaObject to the offer.
  • user: all requests on the UiTdatabank APIs need a valid Access Token from an authenticated user. UiTdatabank uses a specific permission model to see which user can update which content.

UiTdatabank permission model

  • Every authenticated user can create content in UiTdatabank
  • Every authenticated user can edit the content they created
  • Any authenticated user can add or remove public labels to any content in UiTdatabank
  • Any authenticated user can add or remove translations to any content in UiTdatabank
  • Content created in UiTdatabank is validated by admins and can be approved or denied for online publication
  • Admins can edit all content in UiTdatabank

For more info on how UiTdatabank works, you can refer to the book Zo werkt UiTdatabank (dutch only)

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