Who can import data in UiTdatabank?

Everyone can add their cultural and leisure activities in UiTdatabank free of charge. These events are automatically published on our publication channels (such as

Anyone can use the entry form on to manually enter their events.

To setup an automatic import of your data, however, a few checks should be made:

  • Ownership: YOU have to be the one who organizes the events you import in UiTdatabank
  • Quantity: if you only organize a handful of events per year, it is not advisable to import events in UiTdatabank
  • Unicity: duplicate entries must be avoided at all times. For example: don’t create a new place without verifying if there is an existing one with a similar name and address.
  • Quality: events and places should be rich in content (contain as much information as possible) and the events should be in accordance with the UiTdatabank content scope

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