To use Search API v3, you need to authenticate using an API key on every request.

You can add your API key to a request in two ways:

  • As a query parameter
  • In a custom X-Api-Key header

To apply for you personal API key you must register via the UiTdatabank projectaanvraag platform.

The API is available in a production and testing environment (See environments), so keys can be obtainde for both environments.

Make sure to use the correct API key with the correct environment.

Query parameter

You can add an apiKey parameter like this:

GET<your api key here>

For example:


Request header

You can send your API key as a separate header like this (for example using curl):

curl -H "X-Api-Key: <your api key here>"

For example:

curl -H "X-Api-Key: c7c95c31-93b0-4a3b-8758-770e76d5ed46"

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