Double quotes in field values

A valid label in UiTdatabank could be "dag van de fiets" (with quotes!).

To search for this label in an advanced query, it should be escaped and encapsulated like this:

GET"\"dag van de fiets\""

Wildcards in field names

{lang} should always be replaced by either a specific language (nl, fr, …) or an escaped wildcard (\*)

Field Type Comments{lang} String  
name.{lang} String  
description.{lang} String{lang} String  
address.{lang}.addressCountry Enum See Address
address.{lang}.addressLocality String See Address
address.{lang}.postalCode String See Address
address.{lang}.streetAddress String See Address

When you use wildcards in field names to search across multiple translated versions, the wildcard should be escaped using a backslash. (\). For example:

GET*&q=address.\*.addressCountry:BE AND address.\*.postalCode:1000 AND address.\*.addressLocality:Bruxelles AND address.\*.streetAddress:Boulevard Anspach*

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