Calendar type

All events and places in UiTdatabank v3 have one of four calendar types:

  • Single: The event occurs on a single date, indicated by a single startDate and endDate
  • Multiple: The event occurs on multiple dates, and has multiple subEvent entries with each a different startDate and endDate
  • Periodic: The event or place runs for a specific period as indicated by its startDate and endDate, and can optionally have openingHours.
  • Permanent: The event or place is permanent and has no startDate or endDate, but it can optionally have openingHours.

You can search through all of these types by searching by date and time, but you can also limit your results by their calendarType.

URL parameter

Using the calendarType URL parameter, you can limit the results you get back to a single type:


Additionally, you can limit the results to documents that have either one of multiple calendarType values:


Delimiting the calendarType parameter using a comma works as if using an OR operator.

Advanced queries

Using advanced queries, you can make more complex combinations than using the calendarType URL parameter.

For example:

GET OR calendarType:multiple

For more info, see advanced queries.

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