Facet counts

It is possible to get facet counts for specific fields using the facets URL parameter.

Supported values are:

  • regions
  • types
  • themes
  • facilities
  • labels

Example request:


You can request multiple facets like this:


Example response:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "PagedCollection",
  "itemsPerPage": 30,
  "totalItems": 50,
  "member": [ ... ],
  "facet": {
    "regions": {
      "prv-vlaams-brabant": {
        "name": {
          "nl": "Vlaams-Brabant",
          "fr": "Brabant Flamand",
          "en": "Flemish Brabant"
        "count": 22,
        "children": {
          "gem-leuven": {
            "name": {
              "nl": "Leuven",
              "fr": "Louvain"
            "count": 7
          "gem-diest": {
            "name": {
              "nl": "Diest",
              "fr": "Diest"
            "count": 4
          // ... more region children omitted ...
      // ... more regions omitted ...

The key of each facet node is the value you should use to filter that specific field. In the example above, you can filter by using the regionId URL parameter or the regions field in advanced queries in combination with any key from the returned facets, to narrow down your search.

Important! You should never assume a specific amount of levels for a particular facet in your code. Instead, you should parse the given facets recursively by looking for the children property in each one.

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