Geographic search

You can search offers by their geo-information:

Alternatively, you can search offers by their address-information

  • All offers that have (a location with) a specific postalCode Address
  • All offers that are located in a specific country Address

It is important to note the difference between both location-based searches. An offer can have a postalCode that refers to one specific (sub)municipality (eg “3010”, for Kessel-Lo, Leuven), but the coördinates calculated for this place are located in a neighbouring (sub)municipality (eg “Heverlee” in Leuven).

When searching for all offers located in the shape of submunicipality ‘Kessel-Lo’ (nis-24062C), the offer mentioned above will not return as a result, as it is indexed in the shape of submunicipality ‘Heverlee’ (nis-24062-Z), although it has the postalCode for Kessel-Lo (“3010”)

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