You can search by label(s) using two methods:

  • URL parameter
  • Advanced queries

Url parameter

You can filter by one or more labels using the labels URL parameter.


You will only get results with complete matches. An event with for example the label UiTPAS Leuven will not be returned by the query above. Wildcards are not supported using the URL parameter!

Note that this method always uses the AND operator.

Advanced queries

Using the q parameter, you can execute more advanced queries than by using the labels URL parameter.

For example:

GET* OR labels:paspartoe

Searching by labels in advanced queries still looks for complete matches, but contrary to the labels URL parameter, wildcards are supported.

When searching for labels with spaces, be sure to encapsulate the label in quotation marks:

GET"uitpas leuven" OR labels:paspartoe

For more info, see the advanced queries documentation.

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