You can search by price using two methods:

  • URL parameter
  • Advanced queries

In both methods it is possible to either search by an exact price or by a price range.

Currently a price parameter is always treated as EUR.

Url parameter

Exact price

You can filter on an exact price with the following query:


This will return all events and places with an exact price of 9.99 EUR.

Price range

You can filter by minimum and maximum price like this:


This will look for all events and places that have a price that is within the given range.

Both minPrice and maxPrice are optional and can be used on their own, or together.

For example, you could search for all events with a maximum price of 25 EUR, without having to specify a minimum price:


Advanced queries

Using the q parameter, you can execute more advanced queries than by using the price and/or minPrice and/or maxPrice URL parameter.

Exact price

It is possible to exactly match the price of an event or place:

GET OR price:66.66

Price range

It is possible to search on a range of prices:

GET[9.99 TO 20] OR price:29.99

For more info, see the advanced queries documentation.

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