Search API


This documentation provides an overview of all public features available in publiq’s award winning Search API v3 for UiTdatabank.

In the Getting started section you’ll learn all about the different environments with their specific datasets and how to make authenticated requests. It also covers basics about the api: which results are excluded by default, how to escape specific characters and how to limit the search results.

The Searching section provides more detail about the available query parameters. You’ll see that every title has a specific section on URL-parameters and advanced query parameters.

In the Reference section you can find an overview of all available URL parameters and advanced query parameters. We also provided some real-life example queries to get you started. It might be useful to check the example response to form an image of all the possible fields an event can contain. It is certainly advisable to refer to the exceptions-documentation: here you can find an overview of all the exceptions that can occur against the example response.

If this is the first time you use our API’s, it’s recommended you head over to ‘Who can import data in UiTdatabank’ and ‘UiTdatabank Basics’.

In the book Build an agenda with search API 3 we elaborate on displaying the collected data along the front end.