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Volgende parameters kunnen aan de user depiction URL meegegeven worden om een bewerkte versie op te vragen:

  • width, height – force the width and/or height to certain dimensions. Whitespace will be added if the aspect ratio is different.
  • maxwidth, maxheight – fit the image within the specified bounds. (Most often used)
  • crop=auto – Crop the image the the size specified by width and height. Centers and minimally crops to preserve aspect ratio.
  • crop=(x1,y1,x2,y2) – Crop the image to the specified rectangle on the source image.
  • bgcolor=color name hex code (6-char). Sets the background/whitespace color.
  • scale=both downscaleonly – By default, images are never upscaled. Use &scale=both to grow an image.
  • rotate=-90 90 180

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